Create & Preserve

Continuing over 40 years of Environmentally Responsible practices; including the recycling of precious metals. This form of Recycling aids in reducing new demands in metal mining and in-turn has less impact on today's precious Earth allowing further protection of the Land and Wild Habitats, promoting a healthier environment for us all.

New raw materials and purchased finished products are sourced from suppliers that are Hand Selected by Castor Jewelry as companies who also have a strict policy with regard to Environmental and Social standards. We understand concerns related to the potential Environmental and Cultural impact of certain mining activities. Castor Jewelry, and it's affiliated companies, have always been, and continue to be committed to conducting all phases of its operations in the most Ethically, Environmentally and Socially responsible manner possible.

We at Castor Jewelry wish to reassure our customers of our ongoing commitment to Conflict-Free Gold. Any product crafted at Castor Jewelry utilizing rough or faceted Diamonds or other Gemstones, have been purchased from legitimate sources that are not involved in funding conflict and are in compliance with United Nations Resolutions. These Diamonds and Gems are considered Conflict-Free, which is based on personal knowledge and written guarantees by the suppliers of these stones. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to both Environmental and Social issues, Castor Jewelry takes into great consideration these moral imperatives to ensure that all of our jewelry is not tarnished by violence or irresponsibility and to preserve the trust our customers have in us and in the US Jewelry Industry.